I have just set up a network between my laptop with XP Home SP1 as the host and my desktop with XP Pro SP2 as the client. ICS with dial-up works but file and printer sharing do not. On the client in My Network Places when I try to view workgroup computers I get the error message "Maplestory(workgroup name) is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server and find out if you have access permissions. The list of servers for this workgroup is not currently available." On the host in the view workgroup computers I can see both computers and can access the hosts files, but when I try to access the clients computer I get the error message "\\Dh656g1s is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permission. The network path was not found." I only have one account on each computer and they each are the administrator. I have turned off the Windows firewall on the client but my host does not have one that I can find. I have Norton on each but have disabled those firewalls. The client has a static IP address 192.168 and the gateway is the IP address of the host. I don't know if this has anything to do with filesharing but I'll put it in. Also, I don't have the Use simple file sharing option in the My Computer>Tools>View on the client. If you need anything else please say. Any help would be much appreciated.

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thank you techniner, but i have gone through all the microsoft helps and been through a ton of forums. i just can't find why its not working.

Then it has to be permissions issue.

I had a similar problem. Worked on it for two weeks. Was tearing my hair out. Finally fixed it. I'm not a computer whiz but this is what seems to have done the trick.

I had the computer without the router setting wrong ...
only one computer can have server setting enabled
go to network places
view network connections
right click on the various connections go to advanced tab and make sure the computer/s without the router don't have
"allow other network users to connect throught this computer's internet connection" checked

Then I reset tcp/ip stack and winsock with the following command (go to start, run then enter the command). I did this on the computer with the router but I don't see why it would hurt anything to do it on the other computer/s if it doesn't fix the problem.

run command to enter for the winsock:
netsh winsock reset

run command to enter for the tcp stack:
netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.txt

Now I can see each computer in the workgroup and share files and printers between them. Got all those error messages .... network path not found ... may not have permission etc. This fixed it all. Hopefully it will help others.

if it's a winsock problem, you should take the advice above. otherwise, simply make sure that
all computers are in the same workgroup,
all computers have the same users protected by the same passwords
to speed things up, use static LAN IPs, and enter those into the hosts file.

its easier to use share level instead of user level security as XP home does not support the creation of user level shares and its client is crippled

I have found a universal solution for those who are using two more than two pcs with xp home or xp professional or any windows OS, and are not able to share files over lan, for printer sharing on lan, i am working on another solution, which i will will post later.
For this solution to work on your lan, these are the requirements :
1)you are able to ping all the pc's/nodes successfully.
2)you are able to ping each pc/node with their computer name as well and its successfull
3)you are able to see all the computers in the VIEW WORKGROUP COMPUTERS option, in the explorer but not able to see their shares.
4) you have put all the pc's under same workgroup.

Now let me give you the best most successfull method, without installing any software and also without using windows as well. Microsoft is a good OS but not as good as DOS..hahaha.
yes DOS will come to your help at these times.
The famous NET USE command will be used to mount/connect to any share on the lan on any pc which is on the same workgroup.
First, choose any directory you want to share and give its some name for the share.I am not going into these elementary things,i hope you know it how to enable-share any file or a directory over lan,or ask your administrator.
The go to any pc and type this command:
Once you type this command you will be able to see all the computers with their names listed in this service.
Then according to this example:
NET USE h: \\smartpc\pc_h
Command successfull
I will explain this command, its pretty simple.
Here NET USE is the normal command, H: means the shared directory will have a local drive named H:, make sure you dont have H: already assigned to your pc to any peripheral or on the HDD, \\smartpc means the computer name which was actually on my lan, and \\smartpc\pc_h where pc_h is for the H: drive partition on my other pc, i acutally shared the hole drive on that pc.
After this, you can go to My Computer on the pc where you executed the NET USE command, you will be surprised to see a new icon which will show the pc name and the shared resource, and use it just like any other local folder.
No more explanations, try other stuff on your own.
I own a website call www.bookprofit.com and currently a technical analyst in stock market, earlier i was a sysadmin in Linux, now doing a fulltime business in stocks.

take care
mohit thapar
(from india)

its easier to use share level instead of user level security as XP home does not support the creation of user level shares and its client is crippled

hello everyone
i have a big problem. my system give error "check the spelling of the name .otherwise there might be a problem with your network. to try to identity and resolve network problems.

give me solutions.thanks in advance.

please check your ip address and second machine ip address will be

and workgroup name will be same on both machines

i hope your problem will be solve

you can check communication with ping command


I have just set up a network between two desktop computers in one computer windows 7 and other windows xp 3
i can access internet in both the systems but cant access priner and files and folders its a broadband connection i given the ip address for windows 7 system and for xp system whan i ping from windows 7 system i can esly ping to xp system but whan i tried from xp system im not able to do i given data and printer sharing to both the system and setup small network also please help me

thakng u


First, on your next post, you may want to start a new post rather than asking a question in someone's else thread, espectially one that is inactive.

OK, so in your case, the IP settings on both comptuers are most likely correct, but you may want to double check the IP, subnet mask, and default gateway configuration (ipconfig from a command prompt on both systems).

Most likely the reason why you cannot access or ping is because of the local firewall settings on each computer. This should be your focus at the moment. Go to the control panel on each system and launch the firewall applet. Ensure that your configure the firewall settings to allow ICMP (for Ping) and File and Print Sharing.

Next, to share files and printers, you need to go to the resource on the computer, right click, properties, and share the resource.

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