1. central virus solution

Is it possible to make a such solution for local Intranet on which more than 100 pcs are connected to avoid virus problem by any cd drive or pen drive , every time when any pc try to insert CD or pen drive it should confirm from Administrator's PC and admin PC will check it for virus and then it will allow to access it ??????????????//

  1. central file sharing

Is it possible on local Intranet that no pc can share any thing without the permission of ADMINISTRATOr ?????//

I say make a centralized server with an antivirus; for sake of example lets say the AV is ClamAV, you make a small python script that allows users to send files to that server to be scanned(over a LAN), the server returns a boolean value(true or false) true meaning there is a maleware, false meaning its clean, and if there is a virus found have the client script unmount the drive, log the event, and maybe even set up a realtime notification system. Also set up a network gateway that scans incoming packets from the network. If you don't know python or any other scripting language i suggest you learn, ever good admin has a script language and knows his *NIX.