Hey Daniweb community,

The office space we rented includes Ethernet wiring, however the patch where the network equipment can be connected has strange connectors on the cables coming out of it.
The cables themselves are Cat5e and connect to standard 8P8C wall plates. I'm sure they're for Ethernet, but the connectors themselves are bizarre. The one on the right of the picture is mangled up, so I have no clue why anyone would want to install connectors like this. I must not be understanding their purpose.
If it helps, the connectors have printed on one side:
And on the other:
T568A Lucent

Any help identifying these is appreciated!

hi,i had no idea ,so i google some of you numbers,oh by the way google is great . this # T568A-T568b is reference to straight through or crossover .
also while searching and reading i think that the wires went to a network switch of some sort.

the pic i see displays connectors that are suppose to attach to the wall plate ..however the connectors are missing the other half of the bodies.
At this point your going to need to re connect new connectors on each of the cat 5e wires