Please help me i cant connect to my wifi on my ipod its not my ipod. my linksys routers settings are screwed up. When i try to type in my ip adress to the adress bar on iexplorer and it asks for user and password i type it in then brings me to a red page that says 401 authorization required. its the right stuff i know it is because when i type in a random password that doesnt come up. When i go to network conections and try to find and add my router my router doesnt come up in the lists of network connections to connect to. It says my wireless connection is disabled but when i try to enable it i cant because my router (MSHOME) wont show up in the lists to choose from. Its not the router because the wifi light is on and my wired internet and my xbox work off the same router. I cant think of anything and i called hp and linksys and they want me to pay for support please help i cant think of anything else. my router wont show up in the connections nor in my ipod wifi choices. it just randomly started happening and i didnt do a thing to cause it. Linksys said its easy to fix its something in the settings but i cant access the settings when i type in the ip in the adress bar. pelase help imonly 15 and i dont have a credit card to buy the support!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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If your running any kind of anti-virus software try disabling it. Norton in particular can cause havoc with internet connections.

use ballpen/pencil/clip to reset your wifi by pressing the reset button for 30seconds actually there are lights indicator on that.

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