hey guys, I am completely NOT programming savvy lol. Im an infantry medic overseas in Afghanistan. After paying $100 a month for internet service (very unstable service at that), they have some kind of feature installed that blocks us out from stuff. Yes, I enjoy watching porn in my free time, sue me lol. But if Im paying out the rear for crappy service, I should be able to go where I want. Last deployment I used webtunnel.com but thats not working. And if I type it in as https:// it says its not in service. Can anyone help me circumvent this BS? When you type in a restricted site, the following address comes up in the address bar -


Some help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

at this day n age, not a good idea. there's always a hefty price to pay later. free this free that, have u any idea how many honey traps out there?

i had a user went ahead against my advice (i told him no checker on earth could protect him if he carried on). well his laptop got infected and he panicked thought the police would go after him found out where he's been ... in a moment of aberration .. he smashed his laptop into pieces.

a better solution .. become a monk

PS if they allow youtube, you might be able to find some videos there "safely" entertaining.

well i found out last night that we cant even connect on limewire....so we kinda stuck lol....and ive tried the celebacy thing....dont really work for me lol....but thanks for the info.....

limewire is NOT worth it, so no loss there. do they let u visit youtube? u can download the movies locally.