my sister just got an XP computer so she could use the wireless on it. so the computer can see the network and when she goes to the public library she does not need a password but it does work. since it has password protection all I had to do for my computer was connect to it then put the password and it work; however with her computer it won't work. it connects and it send and receives packets but it says there is a problem. can anyone help.

check her computer firewall and try to disable it and see if it works..

I have checked the firewall settings and they are fine but the connection seems to restart it self it says there is a problem but then it restarts and does the same thing over and over again.

disabling the firewall is a bad idea. she can connect at the library so try something else.

can u post the exact error message?

i have fixed the error it seemed that I had to manually set the the ip address and dns address. it was just a simple ip conflict

by hard setting the IP addr on her wireless connection might make it unable to connect if she uses the laptop somewhere else (because need on the same subnet etc).

if u want to find out whether it was indeed the IP addr assigning issue, try this: uncheck the IP addr and leave the DNS primary server as and secondary server (google's DNS servers). if she can connect after that it was a timeout problem.

On the other hand, if it doesn't work that means DHCP is not assigning IP addrs correctly on her laptop. Check if the DHCP service is running. If it is not running, it will not assign. Also check the DHCP IP addr range on router to see if the range is reasonable.

If she's not going anywhere else to connect and is happy, maybe just leave it. As the saying goes: if it aint broke dont fix it :-)

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