I work at a school as part of a benefit project. I teach computers here. I have a background in programming and my exposure to networking is limited to setting up LANs and WLANs back home, mainly to share Internet connections.

The school administration wants me to set up a wireless network for the school, which will enable sharing for students in the small lab, networked applications for the administration, and Internet access for all. The school building also serves as residential quarters for the staff and also some children. It is a 3-floor building with an open courtyard in the center. So if you imagine a rectangle within a larger rectangle, then the space between the two rectangles is the built-up area, and the space enclosed by the inner smaller rectangle is the open courtyard.

I don't know much about wireless networking, but if I set up an outdoor router/access point in the center of the courtyard on a pole, will it be able to send out signals accessible to all the built-up areas on all floors of this building?

Or is there a better way to do this. Please don't tell me to seek experts to implement this, as the school does not have the money for outside parties.

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Hello! It sounds like you need a wireless LAN solution that will be easy to install, configure, and maintain, and you also need it to be cost-effective. The company I work for, Meraki, has a great solution for you! Feel free to give us a call to hear more at (415) 632-5800, or visit our website at http://www.meraki.com.

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