u really gotta get your shit together, this site is a waste of space.
instead of not answering the question because u can't and telling people to start a new thread let your members help!

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I can see you are angry, and I do not know the full story why, but I will say that I make a considerable amount of money helping people during the day. At night I volunteer my time to help others because it is sites like DanniWeb that support my efforts.

If you were asked to start a new thread, it would likely be because your problem did not match the original posters problem. We are always mindful that each thread is a orderly, focused conversation that can help more than one person. If the thread is "hijacked" (focus diverted to another, similar problem), it will become hard to follow and downright confusing.

I hope this helps. Please also realize that we come home (at least I do) exhausted each night and sit down to try to help a few more people. I have nearly completed my BS in IT and have worked with everything from mainframes to pocket PCs. Does that mean I know everything? NO, but what I do know, I offer you. I'll be looking for your post.

Good Luck

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