I was curious if there is a good way to come about with an approximate value for a domain name on my own without having to pay for a service. Reason being, is there is a domain name that I would like to register, that is not currently registered, that I would like to register simply to resell. However, I've never done this before, and need a way to see if it would be worth it at all to do it. It's not like it's so great I think I could make hundreds of dollars off of it, but I'm curious to see how much I could get. Any ideas?

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You'll be lucky to get the $6.95 or whatever that you paid for it.

How can you tell without knowing what the domain name is? What if it's pretty good? ;-)

For me, the only domains that are worth anything are the ones that have been previously used. They may already be driving some traffic and they're already on the search engine radar.

Yeah, you're probably right. Oh well. Thanks for the advice.

If you believe the domain name you have invented is useful, go for it. There are a lot of people out there looking for good domain names and 95% of them don't care whether it has already traffic on it or not.

You could try sedo.com to get an idea what you can charge for the name. They are domain broker and quite a standard, in Europe at least. I bougth a domain for a partner matching database there myself (without any traffic included :) )


Sorry for any typos, English isn't my first language...

Thanks for the advice. I already have a couple of names I'm thinking of selling. Doesn't really matter if I make anything off of them. I just got them thinking they were pretty good. Oh well. Thanks again.

I think if the domains are good then it could be worth quite alot but if they aren't and nobody wants them then you won't get anything for them, please can you tell us what the domains are if you have already bought them then we could give you a realistic price.

namepro and namefourms, have relevant section for domain appraisal.

Otherwise check out our Site Reviews forum. :)

Sedo I've heard lots of good things about. Give 'em a shot.

Yep, to determine fair price of your domain sedo is good place, you can park your domain there as well.

I heard that sedo is a good place for domain parking and you get some income by parking your domains there... does any one have any good experience at them?

Hi everybody. Do you know how much can I ask for domain name SNIP with extensions like .net, .biz, .org, .me, .biz...

Thanks in advance.

no i have no idea for that but you make good try.
i also want to sell my domain name.

You can get the Free Domain name appraisal for Multiple Domain name at Zippozap.com so that you can estimate the worth ....

use the DNS protocol it might work for u

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