I currently have a domain attached to a tumblr site. The tumblr site uses A-Records to enable the domain to be 'connected' as such. I want to now transfer it to a host that uses nameservers for the domain. Prior to setup (ie. when I purchased the domain) it had the A-Record set by Godaddy, and I changed 9I still kept the original). What will I need to do now to use the nameservers section and not A-Records.

I would also like to transfer my domain away from GoDaddy. How can I do this and are charges incurred?


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if you have a new domain host and you set the A-Record you need to make sure the Name servers are pointing to the name servers of that host. the Name Servers resolve addresses and if you set an A record on that site only those Name Servers will know where to look.

I've always preferred godaddy over most other hosts and its easier and i hate domain.com and their methods. If you ever know anyone setting up a mail server tell them to avoid domain.com like the plague. Hope that helps

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