Hi there, I have a problem with my PC, any help would be appreciated.

When I plug the ethernet cable from my router to my PC, there is no bubble or popup, etc. to to tell me that its connected, and I am not getting any connection. I've tried restarting the router and computer, but no luck. It's like I didn't even plug anything in! I tried connecting the same cable to another computer and it connected with no problems. I have just installed Vista from XP by the way, if thats any help. This problem is driving me crazy!

Thanks in advance!

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could you rephrase please, im not what you would call computer literate!


Open the Windows command prompt (Run > cmd) and then type ping If the pings are received, then your IP stack is working correctly and it's likely something with either the CAT5 cable or the router.


Hey i just installed windows 7 and it worked straight away!
Thanks anyway

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