Hi there, I have a problem with my PC, any help would be appreciated.

When I plug the ethernet cable from my router to my PC, there is no bubble or popup, etc. to to tell me that its connected, and I am not getting any connection. I've tried restarting the router and computer, but no luck. It's like I didn't even plug anything in! I tried connecting the same cable to another computer and it connected with no problems. I have just installed Vista from XP by the way, if thats any help. This problem is driving me crazy!

Thanks in advance!

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when you plug in the Ethernet cable, does the port flash green and orange?

Try by pining your host IP and see if there is any response from it.
Host IP :

No it doesn't, no lights whatsoever

could you rephrase please, im not what you would call computer literate!

Check if you have installed driver for you NIC.

Open the Windows command prompt (Run > cmd) and then type ping If the pings are received, then your IP stack is working correctly and it's likely something with either the CAT5 cable or the router.

Hey i just installed windows 7 and it worked straight away!
Thanks anyway

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