I have set up a wireless network and want to share files between desktop and laptop.
The desktop's OS is Vista, the laptop is Windows 7.
There seems to be some communication between the two. IE. the printer. However when I try to print something from the laptop it does not get the message to the printer. So no printing. It says its sending it to the printer but no printing.
I have not been able to share files between the two.
I have made sure the names match and file sharing is turned on.
Explanations on web sites don't seem to help and some of them don't mean anything to me.
I appreciate any help. I am sure it is probably some settings that are just not right. Thank You Cheryl

I know your problem so please follow this step
Go to my network places, set up a home and small network, fill everything out, make sure you turn on file and printer sharing, and then the computer restarts and there you have it!

If the desktop is in hibernating that is essentially the same as off. All drivers are suspended or shutoff and the processor is essentially off. One thing you could try is setting the LAN card to wake-on-LAN. If it works then the system will start up when the laptop queries it.
Good luck

Download Windows 7

Hi guys
Usefull info hassye, However id recommend that you first make sure that the IP addresses is in the same subnet ie. &
Id recommend you do this first. Once done see if you can ping the machine to establixh if theres logical connection as well.
To ping: Go to start>run>type cmd> in the black box (command line) type ping assuming you doing it from the pc with IP address

do that and report