i've two separate LAN networks, one for internet and one for my business, and i blocked usb devices on the business network, but i need a solution for transferring data from the internet computer to the inside network without connecting the two networks

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why not use a cd/dvd?

You can install a dvd drive on one of the pc's in the business network, and use it for a controlled transfer of specific data, if you only need it once in a while.

If the need is more like a daily task, I suggest you consider buying a good router, and get help configuring it, to meet the security demands.


i've a lot of data to transfer into the inside network, so can't use CD or DVD every time, all i can think of is manual transfer through USB, but i need something automatic without connection the 2 networks through network cable


If you can explain in details, why you can't/won't use a network cable, it will be a lot easier to understand your problem, and suggest a way around it.

Manually using an USB vs. automatic solution is contradictive in nature, and I can't see the harm in a network connection, if it is configured properly.

You can configure a network connection from one of the "internal" pc's to the external network, without compromising safety on the entire internal network, and also without granting access to the internet from the internal network.

please explain.

btw. If the limit is a matter of location (wire isn't possible), maybe you can use a wireless solution?


i don't want any physical contact between my network and the internet network, but i've some materials that i want to transfer to the inside network many times a day. that's my problem


ok - that is what I assumed from the first post.

Then you have to accept that, without network as an option - automation is not possible.

Are you willing to make an exception on the USB policy, on only one of the internal pc's - so you can use that?

Otherwise you are quickly running out of options as I see it.


i'm thinking of connecting through serial rx-tx where i can ensure that data is running only one way, how about that


that is possible of cause, but then you might as well connect to pc's directly with a network cable (same thing).
or you can use a laptop that you move back and forth between the 2 networks.

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