hello..i am a 3rd year b.tech(I.T) student..i am interested in doing a project in internet security and the project requirements should not have any hardware part and the resources should be downloadable..so kindly suggest any interesting project topic..thanking you in advance...

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1 securing credit card transactions from the register to the corporate server

2 securing ip traffic between clients and servers in a local office environment

3 securing wireless traffic (lol!)

iam doin my final year
i wan some project title in networking

i m a final year student of computer science.i want a project title in any core subject of cs

hi i'm final year mca studend i need any project topic based on mca

hi i want the idea of image process

hi m final year i need projects title on netwokr security n ideas

hi am final year info science need projects titles on netwokr security n ideas

need a project name in network security i am second year M.E.cse

You might want to create a new thread and post first.

You can develop a fire wall...it dose not required any connectivity and single system is needed for completing your project...Best luck and go ahead....


hai i am final year b.tech(it) need a project title for bank security,internet security,

You could use bank security if you want.


You can name the Title of the Project as "StateFul Packet Filtering".

The topics should be "State Table" and "Intrusion Detection System" "Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)".How IDS and IPS works and where the copy of packet is stored .The copy of Packet reaching destination is stored in State Table and you can elaborate the topic to your extent.

pls list some project titles in networking

Monitoring the network LAN and protecting against any kind of hacks

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