Hello all!!

I was just wondering if anyoe can explain this microsoft cloud that is coming out I have heard alot of people talking about it?

what I want to know is what is it? and how is it going to affect networking jobs for example I am MCSA and MCSE and I want to move into network artectiure and I have also thought about starting my own business or security as I am currently going for my ethical hacking certification and my degree in computing, IT and netowork design.

What kind of jobs is this cloud going make redundant also what the hell is it?


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you will work for the cloud.

no. it depends what cloud service you are talking about. an example, the microsoft exchange cloud. microsoft has online hosting services for exchange server, so you no longer need to do it in house. google apps could be considered a cloud. spam scrubbing clouds, and so on.

personally, i dont think it is going to effect our jobs.

now, to the cloud

I dont see how it can effect our jobs as far as I can tell it seems to be a giant data storage means so if anything it might mean you dont need servers within the organistation?

What gets me is what kind of business is going to trust its accounts, contacts, figures all there data they need from day to day and hold all they information on them to some other company where all it would take was one hacker or accident to the data centre and thats it all gone?

If it was me and I was CEO of a company I would want my servers on site where guys from my compnay can protect it and keep my information safe. what if there is a technical problem and no one can get access to the cloud software on the net.....what then business just stop for the day sorry doesnt work like that!!
I can see how this would benefit normal everyday users not organistation or businesses that span the world.

Anyway as far as I can tell this software still needs an internet connection a desktop all networked together so there is still going to be a demand for people who can design and implement and troubleshoot these networks. As well i can see orgaistations wanting back up servers on site which is going to require people to look after them.

I can see where microsoft is going with this but it doesnt make business sense for me and no matter what your going to need network professionals to set them up and maintian them as there is no way microsoft can have people doing this for companys around the world.

If anything I can see it meaning we might need another certification?

What are people thoughts on all of this above?

IMO its like centralizing everything that most of our application will be available over the net like google docs and online file storage. That is actually cloud computing. :)

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