my prob is that my office mate is always downloading files via torrent and it eats up the connection.. all i want to do is to block him from downloading torrents. or maybe cut off his connection without cutting his lan cable ... heheheh its rude but its the only way to make things fare... hahhahah...

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there is a bunch of ways to do this. firewalls, block lists

i used to block people in the office from using limewire and itunes by using to reject P2P sites

what kind of setup do you have going on?

where can i download opendns? can i use it for a remote access? or should i go to his unit to install opendns>?, its not an application.
you use there dns servers.

I think you need traffic shaping of some sort.

If you have an advanced router, you might be able to set it in the configuration.
Or you might be able to install something on his pc, to limit his torrent traffic, without limiting other kinds of browsing.

I have a small program installed (cFosSpeed) on my pc, which is working quite well for me, on my own lan. I only want to favor traffic to that one pc, not eliminating the traffic for the others, and it haven't failed me yet - so you can try and see if you can use it.

If you install it on your own pc, you might be able to push his traffic down a bit, or you can install it on his pc, and set a fixed limit for torrent traffic.

I've made a list for some of the more common torrent sites which you can append to your hosts file to "re-route" those connections. Open the hosts file (c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts) with a text editor and append the following list:

# torrent block list

This is the easiest way to block access (DNS lookups) from a single computer. Of course, if your target uses the direct IP address, they will bypass the hosts file and this technique will not work - just hope they're not that tech savvy.

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