I currently have a cisco 4506 core switch at my head office with a bunch of 2924xl, and 3750 switches as the edge .... i have 5 VLANs configured in the core and use VTP. I have no problems whatsoever with my internal vlan settings ... the problem however

the 4506 is connected to a 2611 ... which is connected via FR to 4 remote offices, which all have 2924 switches at them ....

I need the remote offices to be able to be part of the vlans and i have NO IDEA HOW ... someone PLEASE help me

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VLANS cannot be extended past a layer three boundry, the layer two header will be overwritten. If you click on my name you can send me a message with your email I will have you collect some information out of the switch and see if we can get you straightened out. I am in training this week so I can't promise a fast response, but I will see whatn I can do.

so how do vlans in the remote offices speak to the vlans at head office then? like, how will people in vancouver access the servers in toronto if the servers in toronto are on a vlan?

I am going to comment on a networking 101 level:

VLAN (Virtual LAN) is more or less a way to run seperate broadcast domains within a single device. All of your VLANs will terminate on a layer 3 device like a router or a supervisor with routing capability.

The layer three device needs to be able to route to all needed networks, this device will allow all of your vlans in Toronto to talk to your branch in Vancouver and vice versa.

Does this help at all?

vancouver already talks to toronto .. but the vlans in vancouver do NOT talk to the toronto vlans .... I need to make that happen

what is your routing protocol? have you added the new subnets (vlans) to the routing instance? if you do a "sho ip route" on the routers what do they show? is it all the different vlan subnets?

I will give you my email address if you want to email me your configs and I will advise you, otherwise I suggest you engage your local Cisco partner for assistance. If you have a Smartnet contract you can open a Cisco trouble ticket by calling 1-800-553-2447 but personally I think that has gone to sh|t over the last couple years.

I agree it a routing issue try some traceroutes and see where it stops that will give you an idea as to where the problem is.

I agree with w1r3sp33d... are you sure you don't need a VPN to do what you're talking about? VLANs aren't routable...

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