Hello, have a question about the akamai servers that are used all over the world I hear. From what I have learned they are used mainly for downloads like updates for microsoft, norton, ect.

I'm using a packet sniffer to watch the traffic here in a small LAN. In this program I can see remote I.P. address traffic & akamai is in the top ten with 97% of packets outbound & only 3% inbound. I would think it to be just the opposite.

Could anyone here explain this to me?

Thank you,


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akamai is used for more than microsoft updates, nortan ect.

i use it on a few sites. it basically keeps a cache of ur css, images, etc. on servers all around there world and updates them periodacally with your main server (from what i understand) and is relatively cheap to setup a basic setup, 2.95 a month i think i pay per site.

as for the connections, im not sure though

Thanks for the info. I just wonder If someone is using those servers, like advertisers that collect info from p.c.'s, to get the information they collect?

I'll keep searching. Hate it when I cant figure something out. Could just be our company server. We are part of a VPN here.

Thanks for your reply

i mean - i personally think 97% is to high for normal acamai outbound connections (from what u described)

but it could be users accessing websites that are cached with acamai ? im not sure how many users you have or how reasonable the 97% would sound though.

There are about 23 users in this LAN. Some of them are constantly watching sports videos, shopping online & downloading pics, recieving e-mail attachments...... Thats why I use the software I do to at least try to block as much as I can. I set up a bridge in the gateway with an old 900 mhz p.c. to do this... sometimes the requests are too much for this thing & it shuts down... cant handle the traffic.

did you ever thing of using a free service like opendns.org to filter internet traffic?

Yes, I'm using Awall right now but only ten user licence. Found another one with 50 user. Am setting up another server now for the gateway to try that program out. We will be switching over to thin clients soon, so they wont let me purchase web filters or bandwidth limiters until we find out If they are needed.I'm using free programs now. Will have a windows server then instead of the AIX/ Facts program.

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