Alright, I need a good, reliable, proxy that I can use for accessing the internet through Internet Explorer. I've been using a couple, but they go offline or get disabled or SOMETHING, so I was wondering if there were any that are always on... also, this isn't for my computer, it's for another computer, so is there anyway I can setup this computer as a proxy server and have the other computer (which is located in another area completely) be able to access the net using the proxy from this computer??

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Well, you can try It can be used as a very basic proxy but as you gain confidence and interest you can add all sorts of stuff to it. It is not freeware, the auther calls it ShonenWare meaning that in order to own your copy you must listen to his favorite group Shonen Knife (the music is pretty good).

The nice thing about proxonitron is that it does not install, does not put files anywhere but in its directory. Does not mess with the registry; if you don't like it just delete the directory it is in and it is gone.

I used it for 5 years and the only problem I had with it was when I got ahead of my skill set.

Do you know this proxy ip list? It has plenty of fresh proxy ip addresses updated at every hour.

I use it a lot with Firefox but with IE is going to be the same. There are proxy servers from USA, UK and all the countries, also listening on different ports, like 8080 or 3128.

Please tell me if they work for you.

Of course that link is fast and secure..

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