I have domain setup and 22 machines are on the domain.
(a) i'm running win 2003 server.
It's a SAN server basically
IP address of server is

One machine whose IP is is not able reach other PCs on the domain except for server with IP..11.Could see and access shared folders on SAN server
My default gateway is
preferred DNS server is

Is there any wrong with the above setting.
Error msg is Unable to browse network.

But other PCs with similar setting are able to communicate and access each other and server.

PC with this problem has been formatted and reconnected.

(b)My other question is
one machine on domain has no sharing and security on right clicking on a folder to enable folder sharing.
Is there any service that be started or checked for??

Plz help me out...

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server service.

i dont know much about your network config, windows network im assuming.
preferable use DHCP on the server, with dns information configured.

make sure all the workstations are part of the domain
i normally give them a naming convention like 'LOCATIONSYSTEMUSER' example: corpwin7jeff

this way when i look at them in active directory it isnt hard to figure out what they are.

you can look in dns, of the dhcp leases, or the active directory once the workstation is part of the domain.

either ping the ip or the hostname.

if you have a response you have network communication.

enable file and sharing on the workstation if you want to share a folder, make sure you set the appropriate permissions.

note that if you have the dhcp configured properly, you wont have to set the primary dns information on the workstations they will obtain and register automatically.

err sorry i totally missed where u said windows 2003 server.

im used to 2008, but the process should be the same from what i remember

what operating system is the problem machine running

Hi jeff

Win XP sp3 is being run on the machine with the said problem
Is my IP configuration settings right?

are you manually setting the ip address settings on the xp machine?

if so look at your gateway. you are telling the machine that your gateway ip is the same as your dns ip. for instance my server runs on, but my gateway (ASA) is on

do you see what i mean?

Based on your post I would be willing to bet that the NETBIOS protocol is not loaded on the XP system network card. Open the network card properties and look in the list if you don't see NETBIOS IPX/SPX then you are missing the protocol that windows systems use to identify each other. Click <Install> just below the box and then select protocol from the Dialog box. Then install NETBIOS IPX/SPX from the list. Once complete it is usually best to re-boot even if it does not prompt you to.

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