please i want to ask about the ssl, a read that statement and have defecult to understand it, the statement is:

in case of an HTTPS web server, wildcard SSL certificates must be used if SSL is to be used;

what is that mean and what to use to do it please, please if that is wrong place to that question please tell me where to go,
thank u in advance for any help

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there are plenty to tell you where to go,
but I suggest you contact the service provider for ttheir interpretation as each provider may be different

A wildcard ssl certificate allows you to have any number of subdomains on a single certificate,
* provides ssl to,,,, <<-- how did that get there

lazy explanantion link

thank you very much for your helpful answer, it make me more understand it,
please now for that statement:

Access node’s DNS record should have CNAME entries equal to the number of protected websites’ domain names. The entry format should have the access-node ID as a sub-domain for each protected website domain name, i.e., “”, this is to guarantee compatibility with SSL, where wildcard certificates must be used by the protected web servers.

can you explain it to me please
i am very thak to you
best regards

when you create the subdomains, the cname & id are explained in the helpscreen on your hosting control panel, exactly what that will say, I dont know, i only have read my own host faq

i am so sorry for annoy you, but i cannot do that practicaly now, i want to make a good imagination about it, i am studying, and thersty for the true and right imaginatin about that, i read about method that hiding the server, but i cannot imagine it right enough, that method using a public server to contact with client then there is an access node that hide the protected server, how the hiding done????
i have many problem with that, how it still secure and compatible with SSL, do you need that method to read it, may be you can give me a good explination?
how can i sent it?
please if you can be patient with me, that is very kind of you
i don't want to bother you, but that is because i indeed need that, and sorry for that
best regards

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Go read the *expletive* manual
I'm done

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note:my mother language is not english but i think that what you say is what i need indeed,
i want one to lead me where exacltly to go to imagine that well
i am very thank to the previous link that you give to me, it was helpful
and i send the idea of the project,so that if you know a good place to imagin it, that is very kind of you
best regards

hello again,
pardon, i want to say that i read soooo much about the hiding the server and i still have a problem, can any one help me please
to be sure that i read enough, i will tell you some of what i can imagine, hop that you can tell me some thing, that help me to continue(where the design of the network is of three stages 1)public server 2)access node 3)protected server where it said that the public server not store any contant and can offerd as a servive by the ISP(is the public server work as proxy???))
what i understand is as follow:
the client connect let to say ( so that URL is gose to the DNS to lead the client to the ip address (not of the true ip of amazon is that right if yes so how the DNS work because it must laed him to the public server and the public server check him and request a port no. and return that port no + the ip of the access node to the client in a redirection message the close the connection with the client) here the client now think that the access node is the true server and then the connection with the server is done through the access node

please i have a problem that what is stored in the DNS ???
and how it lead it to the public server at first????
note that there is many public servers and many access node, i think to continue even if one of them have an attack flood, so how the DNS know where to lead the client and there is an attack or the DNS not regard
and for multiple public server is the ip of them varied?? i think yes

thank you in advance for any help, be sure i do my best in searching, with no enough information to help me, and i indeed need to know all that
doing any thing to me is very kind of you
best regards

Moving to Networking, as I think this is outside the scope of HTML/CSS.

may be that little help
It is recommend having more than one public server with different service providers. DNS should be offloaded to a third-party service that offers round robin load balancing with active failover functionality.

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