Hey guys,

i recently reformatted my computer to clean up all the the junk, and after successfully installing all drivers and such, ive discovered that i cannot connect to the internet.

It is a home (ad hoc i think) network, and my computer is a laptop with a 1390 WLAN card. The help pages available to me (accessed through the Dell wireless WLAN card Utility) were no help.

-When i right click on Wireless Network Connections under the control panel, i am graced with abscence of a Wireless Networks tab, which is supposed to be there...
-when i double click on Wireless Network Connections under the control panel, i discover that i "cannot connect to this wireless network", and goes on to suggest that i let WZC automatically connect me
-when i attempt to connect to my home network, the WLAN utility treats it like i am trying to create a new profile on that network, asking me to create and confirm a WEP. i can then connect, and bandwidth activity becomes active, but i cannot connect to the internet. (Specifically, in the WLAN utility, clicking on link status, signal noise is active - but i have no green bars on the bottom of my screen, and i remain unconnected)

Im not sure if any of the above information is helpful, especially as its most likely garbled, but i am extremely confused as to how i go about connectiong to my home network wirelessly. It seems that there are two seperate connection utilities to use, the WLAN utility, and WZC. im not sure which to use. Any help would be REALLY appreciated.

for an adhoc network you will not get on the internet, adhoc is just local meaning you can use it to connect to other pc that are on the same network (basically in your home........and you have an OEM utitility controlling your wireless, open it navigate in it to disable it and for it not to show up in the task bar.

here is a crapper, whenever you see the network icon in the notification area and you use it to connet that windows, wireless zero, but because the OEM utility is controlling the wirelss you will not be able to connect untill you disable it,,,,,,,,or if you know how to configure it you can use it to controll the wireless....basically WZC wireless zero configuration
is MUCH more easier to use,

thank you for replying.

but ive tried using WZC with no success. it just wont let me connect to my network. Both WZC and the WLAN card utility essentially want me to create a new profile or something, asking me to create and confirm a new WEP when my home network already has one. I cant seem to find anything in these utilities that i can simply click, type in my passcode, and connect to the internet.

My network shows up in the WLAN utility, and i can see it, but when i 'connect' to it , the utility tells me that since its a secure network i must create and confirm an authentication code, and when i type in the WEP for my network it just creates me a profile and it just sits there. Essentially, the utilities seem to be trying to help me setup a network, when all i want to do is connect to my own network.

As im typing this i am connected to the router in the other room via ethernet cable. If anyone can provide some basic instructions on how i can go about connecting my computer to my home netwrk (from the very beginning :) ) it would be greatly appreciated.

When you formatted your computer, you got rid of all the information that was on it. So the computer won't be able to call up the network information.

Get all of your network information from another computer that's on your network, and then you'll have to go through the network setup dialog. I'd try auto-detecting your network before you go and manually put in your information.

Also, make sure that you have all of your drivers installed. If you don't have the driver installed for your wireless networking card, then it simply won't work.

Now that you have all your drivers installed, and you weren't able to auto-detect your network, go and manually put in the information.

Make sure that you have a shared internet connection, and you should be set.

If things still aren't working, contact your computer technician or network admin so that they can re-connect you.

All of my drivers have been installed and everything is up to date, but how can i auto detect my network settings? is the option inside one of the utilities? and where might i be able to input my network settings manually? sorry im kind of a noob:P

Nevermind my last post, ive figured it out thanks suetan!! but now i have a different problem...lol
im connected to my normal network, but for some reason when i start my computer, my signal strength is 56 mbps, but after a few seconds it goes down to 36 mbps and will pretty much never budge. this was never an issue before as my connection was always at 56. any suggestions? Right now my WLAN utility is managing my network. recently went down to 24mbps

Your signal strength is going to change depending on how far away from the wireless router you are. This is normal. If you want to optimize it, I suggest that you get Iolo System Mechanic 7 Professional. You'll have to pay for it, but it's a great program for optimizing your network settings, and overall computer performance. I use it on my computer, and I haven't had any problems with them.

@ Suetan..true nut not necessary..... try changing the channel they your router is on, (this will require instruction on how to log into the router) the distance you are from the router will affect your signal, also the number of connection you have on the router as wireless. a few other thing too, other network, and cordless phone of the 900 mhz frequency. microwave baby monitors. let up know what type of router you have and if you need help in login in and changing the channel

thank you both. ive changed my channel to one that doesnt overlap with my xbox and my bros laptop, so now those systmes being used no longer interfere with my own connection. ive also discovered that my comnectionwas kind of crappy because i was downstairs, and my routre is upstairs...lol. im back up at 48-56mbps. thank you both !!

Hey, no problem. Just glad that we could help you out.