Can we use Netware NDS Novell 4.11 and access it from a remote location?

We have just installed a vpm between 2 remote locations and each location is on a diferent subnetwork however I can ping between them and share files.

When I try to login from the remote location to the server I can't find the tree

Obviously the server is working fine in the first location

Can any one suggest where to look?

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I don't know a whole lot about this, but is your Novell server running TCP/IP? Might you need to make sure your clients at the new location are running Client for Netware services?


Yes they are running the same client software as the stations in the first location


It's possible that it's based on broadcasts. I'm not entirely sure. Past that, I'm stuck. Wish I was more up on Novell to help you out. :(


I would bet that either IPX/SPX or broadcasts are getting you. I have had to enable routing of IPX for several clients but I don't think you will be able to do that via VPN since it will likely only be encapsulating IP packets. I would love to know what you find if you can post it back here.



It certainly is possible to access Novell servers from a remote location, as long as you have bound Ethernet_II to the server, and have specified an IP address. You might also need to tell your Novell Client on the workstation the name of the tree, and have it setup properly in DNS.

Note that Novell 4.1.1's default protocol, IPX, is *not* routed, so you need to have the IP assistance ready to go. Your local machines might be using IPX to make the connection... you can use the client utilities on the more recent clients to identify how your local clients are connecting.

You should also make sure that your Novell server is properly registered in DNS.


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