My firends wireless connection is always low. I am trying to make it stronger, but I can't. He has a Netgear wg311 pci wireless card on his computer. Any suggestions?

on way would be to buy a faster wirless card !

on way would be to buy a faster wirless card !

That won't increase the length of the pipe, just the diameter of the pipe. ;)

Because both 802.11b and 802.11g devices operate in the same (2.4GHz) frequency range, their distance ranges are essentially the same; wireless G devices just have more bandwidth within that distance.


Signal boosting is usually done on the router/access point side. What make and model of router/WAP is your friend using?

Also, another question:

Is the signal low when you're right next to the router, or does it vary with distance?

I don't, I don't have access to my friends computer, so I can't test any of these things. I thin he should just by range enhancee, but he doesn't want to spend the money. That's about it.