I have a local area network, What can I do control users with pppoe user id and password. I have up to 160 users on my network, I am using also isa 2004, where it is possible to control users with pppoe dialup.any other os or other control software?

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If you want to control user you can always use a remote management software like Team viewer.

I am using also isa 2004, I like to share internet through my server to my clients, i have a mini local area network. I manage it with isa server 2004,and there are no easy way to provide internet to my clients, suddenly I saw a network who using client side only pppoe dialer and use internet like a isp client, what he can use server side.

So what you want now, is to able to share internet access to your clients so they are able to access internet. Am i right so far?

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