Ok...so I've done this before using an internal wireless g card but it broke and I had to get a new one. I purchased a USB wifi card and now am trying to connect a bridge connection with it. When I tried to do this before with the old g internal card it worked with no problem. Since using the USB card it won’t connect to my computer at all. When I try to connect my xbox it won’t even get through the network portion to text live...I'm really bummed out because I wanted to get into the BF3 beta...any suggestions would be helpful and appreciated.

I'm using a Computer with XP completely updated and I did recently go back to factory defaults, I thought that because I had another net card it might have been that. I'm doing everything I did before to bridge my connection but it’s not working. I haven’t set any ip settings on both ends. My cable I'm using is a straight through cable and I know some people suggest using a cross over but I believe the 360 changes this automatically AND I did have it working before using a straight though...I even put a 8port switch down to see if that would help...no go.

If you need anything else PLEASE HELP lol thanks.

The card does work becuase I have a connection on my computer JUST having problems trying to get a bridge going.