I just installed apache 2 and it is running. I have created two virtual hosts and I can browse them without problem. Even from other computer, mobile phone, using the IP, I can browse my index page.
I registered in no-ip and hosted a subdomain to get rid of my dynamic ip. For the first time when I browsed my site it opened perfectly. The problem comes from here. Once I disconnect and reconnect, I no longer can browse my site with the sitename. I had to delete that and re-host my site with another domain to make it work again. It is happening every time I disconnect and reconnect.
Same thing happens with afraid.com.
Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance

EDIT: forgot to mention that I have DNS client installed.


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you need to set static IP addresses(for microsoft, i don't know Apache)
i really don't think DNS will work without IP addresses...
unless you're creating a new DNS system for the world :)
were you using IPv6 or 4?

Perhaps dns services takes a little time to work properly. It is working perfectly now.

Thanks for reply.

oh, no problem..now i remember what dynamic dns is...i had forgotten about that..it does make sense to me that dynamic would possibly be a little slower...but probably only right after your WAN ip gets changed. mine is dynamic, but i don't pay attention to it, because it rarely changes:)

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