The first day I got cable, my computer had been downloading at speeds of up to 1 and a half megs a second. Now that i've had it a while, the connection is mysteriously reduced to 100kbps and below. I dont kinow why thses problems are happening, but it's rahter annoying.

Any suggestions, tweaks, or fixes would be much appreciated

I suggest you call your ISP and complain to them about you speeds !!

Aye, 'tis something I undergo additionally. However, since I'm working off a wireless router, I'm assuming my wireless connection kills 1.4mbs of download speed... the wired machine at the router performs at 1.5 max, but it used to have a cap at 700kbps.

My download speed off the wireless fluctuate a lot, depending on the downloading source, and speed tests confirm I should be going at 800kbps, uploading 42kbps.


Cable is a shared connection, so if your neighbours are all trying to download something or use the Internet, you will find your connection significantly slower. You may want to try using your Internet at odd hours, such as in the middle of the night to determine if it's your neighbours that are slowing your connection.