i have to give a presentation on agile methodology. i have prepared advantages and disadvantages.. but im stuck in situations in which this particular method is suitable to apply. can any one out there help me? plz

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It may be helpful to compare/contrast it with another software development methodology. Agile Methodology is centered around organizing teams from veritable backgrounds together to complete a project. Other methodologies may be focused on ... [fill in the blank]

You said you already have the pros and cons laid out, so you just need some situations where you can decide what method you would use. You may also use several methodologies within the same project.

As small team of Java coders may be using one method to organize themselves, while another team may use a methodology that fits their paradigm. A business team may be sponsoring the project, for example, but they might use another methodology. When the two (and other teams) come together, they may govern their interaction with yet another methodology!!

I hope this helps.

Good Luck

presentation was great..... now im asked to visit any software house and take an interview from a member about what methodologies they use and why......
ive to submit a questioner to my teacher which states that what im going to ask him in the interview. could any one related to this field, suggest me the questions that i should ask? actually im not a software student. im a programmer.. so , my know how about this , is very less.. n this is the very 1st time, im given this course... :/
plz help.. suggest 5 to 10 questions or give me hint. ill do it by my self then.. :)

If you are a programmer, are are in the related field ... And programming IS making software!!

So you will use some methodology whether it is the "fly by the seat of your pants" method and making spaghetti code, or organizing your time, resources, abilities, and ultimately, your code using a standardized method.

Here are some basic questions (that may help you develop more):
-What Methodologies does your company use?
-What Methodologies do you find useless?
-Why . . . ?
-When . . . ?
-How . . . ?
-Where . . . ?
-Who . . . ?

It may help to focus your questions on what makes a good employee... How those that don't play by the rules (established methodologies) cause problems ... How those who do work within the methodological framework are valued. It can't hurt to drop a seed or two since you may be re-visiting the same potential employer. This time he will be asking the questions, so it won't hurt to have some of the answers he is looking for! :)

OH!!! And always end any interview by asking, "If you were in my shoes, what questions would you ask (and why)?"

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