I am working on a networking project and I had some questions....

I am in the process of building a network specifically for security penetration, & exploit testing, and I looking for some of the best methods for maintaining IP anonymity.

I know of the good old fashion method of ARP/IP spoofing, but the problem with these methods is that there may be a risk of possibly poisoning the network.

So, if I plan on using a router/modem device that implements NAT or PAT, what would be the best bet on how to implement IP anonymity?

The device I would like to use for this network is a Wireless Capable Modem Router, and it is nothing to special but it should be suitable enough for my project.

I want to use some form of IP spoofing to test the structures of the network being implemented, and any input or suggestions on practical methods of implementing this would be wonderful.

Also, any methods or ideas on how to practically re-route IP's or make the assigned IP address in the network remain unseen/anonymous or even different?

For my network test to be implemented properly, I want to make sure that the location and other information regarding the IP address to be either spoofed or unattainable.

I would appreciate any suggestions, methods, or ideas regarding IP anonymity.

Thank you very much,


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You need to set up a secure VPN to anonymize your IP address. There are commercial services for this, such as VyprVPN, and free services such as TOR. Using these services, the remote site sees the IP address assigned by the service, and unless they are logging the linkage between the address your connection has been assigned to your real IP address, the remote system should not be able to determine who you are. You can do a Google search for these services, and here is a link: http://ipinfo.info/html/anonymous-surfing_2.php

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Awesome, that sounds like something I should consider. I had wondered about VPNs but never thought too much about it, I will have to check it out.

Thank you very much.

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