Hi all. As the title says, does your ISP take the p***?

So many Internet Service Providers (ISP's) out there seem to think they can make whatever rules they like and rip us all off with them! Does yours do that to you?

I have heard a few stories that make my blood boil. 1 online friend was charged for broarband by TalkTalk when she specifically stated that she had an old school dial up modem and wanted just a phone line in order to use it. When she complained, they tried to charge her a £25 broardband cancellation fee!! Not only that, but they never sent her a broardband modem so she never even used the broardband that she didn't want or ask for. It took her several monts and a lot of phone calls to eventually sort it out, meanwhile, they kept on charging her for broardband.
TalkTalk?!? Don't ListenListen more like!!!

Another friend, in his 60's and not a prolific net user, got sky TV in and decided to go with their "free" broardband deal. In the very first month they said he had exceeded the "fair usage limit" and had to pay for his supposed "free" broardband. All he does is visit social networking sites occasionally and send and recieve a few emails. He does no downloading, no online gaming, and no streaming. I went through all the paperwork he got from Sky with him and although we found several references to the "fair usage limit" we could find absolutely no information about what their "fair usage limit" actually is. We then checked their website and guess what, no information as to what their "fair usage limit" is on there either!

Seems to me that this "fair usage limit" is a contradiction. There is nothing fair about it, atleast not for us users. The only people it is fair to is the ISP's.

I am with BT internet and had problems with their "fair usage limit" too. They absolutey would not tell us what the limit was even though we asked them directly via the phone. Would they send us a warning when we got close to the limit? Nope. Would they provide us with software that would allow us to monitor the useage for ourselves? Nope. Would they provide us with a web address so we could see their statistics on our usage? Nope.

All in all, this "fair usage limit" that our ISP's impose upon us seem to be nothing more than a money making scam! They impose these limits without providing us with any helpful information at all and expect us to roll over like good little puppies when they charge us more and more and more!

most ISPs do suck. this has been going on forever

imagin this, my companies ISP (fastest in area for some reason..) is so bad, that we pay 250$ /m for 12 by 1.5 mb speeds. We are on a business class, where using there outbound business server, and there spam software footprinted our phone number on our email signatures and disallowed us to send mail using a server we pay 250 monthly to have access to.


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