I have a ethernet port connected to the LAN of my company. I have a Broad Band connection to the USB port. But If I have to connect to the company LAN, I have to disable the the USB port network connectivity and vice versa.

Is there any provision to route the LAN related IPs to the ethernet and other IPs to the USB Port.

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Just a question , Why do you have to disable the USB port to connect to your company's network ?
The two should be able to run together surely !
think i'll need some more info if we're going to figure out this connundrum
yours sincerely
the gagman


I am using WinXP. My company Intranet uses the IP range to with the subnet

I use browsers both IE & Mozilla for browing the company resource and Internet resource. When both Ethernet & USB are enabled I am neither able to connect the company resource nor the resource in Internet. I get the error The page cannot be displayed in IE and Time Out error in Mozilla.

Kindly help me overcome the above problem.

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