Guys, I thought this might help you if u r looking for something similar, so I just wanna share this with u all. May b this is the wrong place to post but it is worth posting.

I found this simple webserver for those ppl who want to host websites on their PCs.

I know apache and IIS are better but this to simplify the method. I mean this web server is quite simple to setup and use. If you find apache and IIS quite tough then this web server is for you.

Learn the tutorial and you are done.

The Download link is here

The Tutorial is here

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I've never heard of this server.
Is it secure enough? Most non-professional servers are riddled with holes allowing people to break into your machine and install all kinds of backdoors (the first of which usually is using it to host illegal material like child porn which could get you into jail).

Before setting up ANY server on your machine make sure you're allowed to by your ISP. Many specifically say you are NOT allowed to self-host in which case starting a webserver could well get your account terminated.

Looks like the webserver is turned off, or the box is down/bluescreened/whatever - got a timeout trying to access the site, so I checked to see if it was valid (snipped out the boring stuff):

kevin@perseus [~]$ dig 1D IN A

kevin@perseus [~]$ dig 1M IN A

The first one ( brings you to, and the second one ( times out.

Let us know when it's back up so I can nmap it :)

Well I am on dial-up still I try to b online 24/7 but as u know dial up sucks so it may b when u tried to access the site, it had a slow connection.

Try again l8tr...

TRy PHPTriad or MySQL. Those are the best free servers for your own desktop you will ever find. All scripts are enabled to use. From the site I just saw, it dosent support server side scripts such as php, sp and so on. To me? As a Power Scripter, Id say notto be mean, butthat sucks. I see no profit if you were to put it as commercial.

Maybe if someone is new to the web development and want to learn the esay way with less scripting, I can understand, but without server side coding? You gotta be kidding me. I cant wait to see your next version. However that idea you have is a great 1!

I don't think hosting website on pc is effective either economically or from point of view of security. However it's a pretty good idea to test your site.

Anyways i found an excellent guide at this site and it covers all the details from configuring apache to modem to dynamic dns etc. You can check out this link if you are eager on hosting from your own

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