first thread....please be patient!! as not techy either...
I have Pipex broadband...and use the excite chat messenger...until 2 weeks ago...now it will not allow me to connect to this messenger..it hangs as 'waiting for internet connection'' then changes to 'disconnected' as though it doeant see that there is a connection there............all other messengers are ok..yahoo msn..aim..etc
If i disable broadband and connect to dial up ..via modem..there isnt a problem

I have reset the router by turning off..(connexant router) ....no joy...disabled firewall and pop up blockers...no joy..cookie acceptance...low....still no joy
i have contacted pipex..who seem confused..but are looking into it..not sure they will rush !!

please help anyone

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If you have access to the router, and I mean the setups, check the configuration for the firewall. It may be just the excite messenger ip address is block. Also check the setup in excite. You should have options to connect to the internet. I don't know about excite, but you may be able to e-mail them and then can send you instructions for accessing the web through a router.


i have access to all the router details...set up...on the net..is this what you mean? where would i check if an IP is blocked?..or the config for the firewall
as for excite..i emailed them and they didnt seem to care..just said 'disable firewall'

thanks for reply

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