Some people can see the video and others cannot. My friend sent links to videos on theypi. He could see all of them but others could not including me. But the others have Windows 7 and he had Windows XP so we figured that that was the difference. The poeple with Windows 7 could see some but not others. Now my friend has a new computer with Windows 7 and he can see them all but we can only see some of them.

Here is one that he can see but 3 others and I cannot see it.

Here is one that we can all see.

I have the same connection to the internet that he has so it is not that. Does anyone have a clue to what is going on?

Re: Big Mystery 80 80

I think it depends on the different players, the first video is served by jwplayer, the second by youtube. Your friends should try to update Flash and Shockwave or just try to open those links with another browser.

Re: Big Mystery 80 80

Being able to watch video depends on a few factors. Its most likely a flash or shockwave issue as mentioned by cereal...but just to give you a better idea of possible issues with watching video or listening to audio on websites...

When hosting video outside of popular video sites, some sites use the <embed> elements in their HTML code while others may use <object>. If the site is designed in HTML5, the element will most likely be <video>. The problem is that these HTML tags are not 100% supported across all browsers/devices so web designers typically use a variety of methods to provide a similar experience across all browsers.

Because of these issues, most web designers just host the video content on sites like youtube. For this scenio, you just need flash installed.

Re: Big Mystery 80 80

I switched from IE to Mozilla Firefox and was able to watch it. Should I get Google Chrome browser? I read that it is the most used browser now.

Re: Big Mystery 80 80

I particularly like Google Chrome...its the browser I am using to reply to this thread :)

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