I have been trying unsuccessfully to get my Daughters DSi XL connected to our Orange Livebox

I have read the many posts about problems, but my issue does not seem to have cropped up.

Bascially I have managed to do everything required to connect including finding the MAC number on the DSi. When I enter the Livebox under something called visualisation I can see 8 differing boxes, some of which are already set up for my wifes laptop and my sons I-touch and show a wifi sign. There are some spare boxes, some are shown as wifi and some as Ethernet. Typically the one with my daughters DSi MAC number is shown as an Ethernet connection.

I can find no way to change this to WiFi, nor can i move the MAC number on the Livebox to another empty WiFi box as they already have MAC numbers but these are all grayed out and cannot be changed.

And of course the DSi MAC number is fixed and cannot be changed either.

Any ideas on how i can change the ethernet to Wifi?

(PS. Nothing too dramatic please - my daughter not connecting is just background grumbling; if i bugger up my wifes internet connection that'll be a dramaticlly higher level of misery !!)


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I cannot give MAC details but I do know about liveboxes! All the liveboxes I've dealt with are protected by an ID and a password. (if you type in a browser it will take you to the livebox and ask for ID. Once you have that you can get into the software inside the livebox and can turn on or off the various items like ethernet / wifi etc
On some older liveboxes when you are trying to set up with wifi you have to press the 'reg' button underneath and then ensure the wifi connection is agreed with the computer concerned within ten seconds or so.
you can download the livebox full manual from the manufacturer of the livebox.
On the boxes I have dealt with you do not need to turn anything OFF unless you are using TV etc. It should accept both ethernet and wifi.
The make of the OS (Mac, PC, Linux) does not affect the connection as the ethernet and wifi are standard protocols I believe as I have had all three running at once on one box.

If you type into a browser (do not put www. or anything else) it brings up the livebox and asks for ID and password. These are in the user manual.
You then have access to the internal software of the live box and need to ensure all ethernet and wifi are enabled.
On most liveboxes you need to press the 'reg' button underneath the box to link with the wifi computer and agree it within about ten seconds.
The OS does not really matter, I have had PC,MAC, and LINUX all running on one livebox. The protocols for such connections are not OS dependant.
You can download the full manufacturers manual for the live box from the manufacturer for further details.

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