How to backup or sync network drives by the server using external HD..?l


We are using XP as an operating system in our office; all the files on every pc are place on the network drives (about 6 or 8 network drives). How can I backup or sync all network drives on an external drive which is on the server? What softwares can I use for this task? I need something that works on by schedule. The computers are Pentium 4 with at least 2 GB ram, so they are far outdated and that is one of my problems. I'm using a "WD MY BOOK ESSENTIAL 3.0", wherein if I place that in the computers they usually hang, that are why the only way to use the external is to place it in the server for continuous backup or syncing...

I really need your help please, if you can guide me or show me any sites to study about this...

Thank you so much by just reading this and it will be a big help if you can help me out...


You can use the Windows backup utility on the server, but you may consider looking at 3rd party products. I recommend Backup Exec by Symantec.

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