my goal is access a webpage (Jsp) which is running on my home pc from outside the world.
for the above mention reason i followed below step but i m unable to access from my office/other network
1. registered with no-ip <br />

Host Type: Port 80

IP Address:59.xxx.xxx.xxx
2. download and install client software so that dynamic ip address bind with domain name
3. configure my router
NAT-> Virtual Server->
Start Port Number:12
End Port Number:1212
Local IP Address
When i wrote external ip address in the web browser it give routers interface but when i add port number it gives "unable to connnect"

no please suggest where i am wrong or required something which i forgot to configure

What you need to do is map the public IP/port with the private IP/port.

What is the port that your Internet users will use to access this web app? Is it port 80? If so, OK, then your users will simply open a browser and type http://yourDomainName.tld.

Now, on your internet router, port forwarding, map this public IP on port 80 to your private IP on the port that your web app internally is running on. If that port is 1212, then your starting port number is 1212 and your ending port number is 1212 for the private IP of

I am really sorry but i am unable to understand what you said above reply
my tomcat is running on 1212.
can you please explain in detail

Ok, not a problem.

In your post, you mentioned that you have a web page running within your network and that you wanted to allow Internet users to access this web page.

1) Your first step was to register your public IP address with no-ip.com. Good. If you dont know your public IP address, you can use this web site: mySourceIP.com.

2) When your users try to access your site by using the DNS name you obtained from no-ip.com, they will be accessing your public IP address. However, as mentioned, your web server is not running on the public IP address. It is running on a computer within your network. This computer has a private IP address such as You can check your IP address on that computer by opening a command prompt and typing IPCONFIG.

3) The final step is to configure your router to allow port forwarding. Port forwarding will translate/forwared packets that arrive at the public facing NIC on your router to the computer within your network. Packets that arrive at the router will have IP and port information.

You need to forward:

public IP/port --> private IP/port.

If you do not know how to set up your router, try this site for steps on how to do it.


thanks for the explaination
in order to map public ip/port with private ip/port i followed all the steps as mention and configure my Nat entry which is mention below
Rule Index:1
Start Port Number:8080
End Port Number:8080
Local IP Address:192.168.xxx.xxx

and register with no ip like
Host Type: Port 80
IP Address:59.xxx.xxx.xxx

but still i get Unable to connect
please help i cannot find what is wrong?
Thanks in advance

I can tell you that the hostname you provided, callto.redirectme.net, is not resolving from the Internet. Proper name resolution is the first step in accessing your internal host.

may know reason, why it is not resolved from the internet
what should i do so that it is resolve???
for all these things does i need a special server/dedicated server or it is ok if i am using windows 7

Was that host name assigned to you or did you make it up? The record "redirectme.net" resolves to the IP address of However, "callto.redirectme.net" does not resolve in DNS. You would have to have the record "callto" added to the redirectme.net DNS zone. Whoever manages that DNS zone would do this for you. The record, "callto" would have to point to your public IP address.

I was made that host using no ip whose detail is mention below in order to make it
Host Type: Port 80
IP Address:

Its it possible to check with ipaddress whether port is redirected or not by router or not
becoz when goes through external ip address it doesnot connect
like web page give "Oops! Google Chrome could not connect to"

Sir it give
Port 80 is closed on
now please tell me what should i do

Open the port on your router for port 80 and map (port forwarding) that port to the IP address and port that your internal application is running on.

That is all that is needed. If you do not know how to configure your router, there is a site called portforwarding.com that has a lot of the routers documentation.

i already steps for mapping which i already mention above

The port currently shows as closed. You need to make sure that your internal application is running on the specified port that you configured on your router. Also make sure that you are not running a firewall on the local computer that could be blocking the access.

The only steps required is to set up port fowardin on your router and make sure that the service is running on the computer on your internal network. There is nothing else that needs to be done.