Hi, hope somebody can help. I have this problem quite often lately.Maybe is because I study php and mySql and practice with examples given in tutorials.I don't know.Also I am selective about installing updates, I don't install updates that I don't need, like updates for Office since I hardly use it. Anyway since the microphone is a plug and play device should it be affected by the above? I use skype to talk with my kids far away and when I cannot do it is a big problem. What gets me is that the thing is not working now even though everything seems in order, then maybe after a couple of days works perfectly, drives me nuts.My pc is a Compaq Presario CQ61-414NR Notebook running Win7.I appreciate your help.Thank you.

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PHP and MySQL won't have anything to do with your microphone not working. If you going into device manager and see if it is listed there, it might have a little cross/triangle next to it suggesting there is a fault.
Once you've located it, right click on it and re-install the drivers, let us know if this works and/or any further error messages it comes up with.

Good luck.

If you have two microphones (built-in and external such as bluetooth, usb headset, or physical mic plugged into headphone/mic port), then the built-in may not be enabled. As suggested by AHarrisGsy, go to the device manager, right click on the microphone icon, and see if it is enabled. If not, change that.

Hi, thanks for your help. I cannot believe it, I shut down the PC and went for a walk.When I came back it was working perfectly whithout me doing anything. I wish I knew what was the matter, I don't like it when I cannot figure out the problem, this has happended a few times,any idea? I thought that shutting down and restarting was what did it, but not so, as a matter of fact the first thing I tried after I checked everything was to restart the pc.

Hi Guys, finally I found out what the problem was with the external microphone.Moving the PC around I noticed that it started working.I kept checking and sure enough there is something loose inside, when I move it, it works.So now I know what to do.In the meantime I discovered ( I don't know much about audio)that I can use my internal microphone anyway whithout needing to plug in anything.So I disabled the internal one and tested it with sound recorder and skype, it works. Now I have to see if the problem I have will affect also the internal microphone, hope not.Thanks for your help.

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