Hi all,
I am a reseller for ISPs in my locality and do point tot point installation for clients who happen to be very critical and needs it running 24/7. Please is there a way i could monitor my clients who are not in thesame class as the one in my office but in a far distant area who are using point to point link and Vsat links respectively. attached is a diagrammatic view of the scenario
I have workers stationed in these states to do a quick repair or maintenance of the link but i can't monitor the links and wouldn't know wen the link is out until my clients calls. Sometimes is false claims to claim damages or exaggerated claims as well. So to be able to defend myself and see things clearly for myself i have decided to monitor the links without disruptting their day to day operation and do this visually on the display monitor.
Almost thesame applies to Vsat. I have Vsat links that i have deployed for different ISP so i manage them or do maintenance on them. I want to be able to monitor these Vsat links from my office and know when they are down. the Vsat links are on different ISPs and different IP Class.
Please i really need a hand here because i dont know what to do anymore.



are these ip addresses wan ips ? and can they be pinged from a wan source ?

they are WAN ip addresses. From a WAN source, you mean?

yes like you can access them on the internet or see them from the internet

thats if they are public IPs u mean? some Vsat links could be pinged from the internet but the point tp point can not.