I'm interested in creating a home server wherein i can upload websites, ftp server and vpn.
I've set up a freedns dynamic ip updater account so that i can access the computer even though the ip changes on each reset of the modem.

the problem is that when i access the router through an external ip, even after port forwarding, I end up opening the router admin page. I've checked that the port is open using www.canyouseeme.org and found out that it is open. the ip address is properly linked to my desktop internal ip address.

can anyone suggest any fix for this problem?

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My guess it that the port you want to use is the one used by the modem for remote access/diagnostics. You can either select another port, or alter the router's settings so that remote access to the router is disabled.

If your forwarding 21 for FTP that one isn't used by a router remote admin page and 3389 is your general windows rdp port. My guess is when you type the address you may not be specifying the port. Simple solution too is if you can remote to the home server then no need to have the remote administration enabled on the router and can turn it off that way port 80 can go straight to your home server. Which I hope you have extra security if you allow port 80 since its not secure by any means.

Check your router. They normally have an option for setting one of the systems as a DMZ host. This is the system that will receive all requests from the internet for things like HTTP and FTP.

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