Hi Guys,

I would like to set up an Intranet or Online portal for my company. The reason for this is we would like our engineers to put all jobs that they have done on the portal so we can see it right away, instead of waiting weeks to look at their timesheets. And I would also like it to be interactive so our clients can chat with us on there as well.

What are your suggestions? Intranet or Online Portal

Thanks in advance for your help guys!

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Hi and welcome to DaniWeb

I'm not very good with networking and stuff but if you want suggestion, I would go for Online Portal. It may be slower that intranet but in return your staff won't be stricted to chat/upload inside the office buildings all the time...

Hope my suggestion helped you... You can wait for other volunteers to give suggestion


Hi there and welcome to daniweb. What you stated have a big difference between them. For beginers the online portal would be a recommended choice. If your company is a very large one and complex, an intranet would be better. But it would be harder to setup. But intranet is within the company only, that means other people like your clients or the public are unable to view it. So which one do you want?


thanks guy.

Please advise how I can go about setting up an online portal @JingDa


You have to ask someone in your company that has experience in setting up an online portal.


I think it's better to set up an intranet,in this way,you can monitor and access their performance,don't you think so?

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