Are there any just 10 Mbps Switches? I'm doing a assignment for school and we need to use a 10 Mbps switch But i dont know any. If there are can I have the names.

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Plenty of switches that have 10mb ports. If you do a search, many of the results are sites that sell these appliances.


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These days, a 10mbps switch is pretty much outdated. Are you sure you don't mean a 10gbps (10 gigabits / second) switch is what you are looking for? Most are at least fast ethernet (100mbps) or gigabit capable. I think my last 10mbps switch was back in the early 1990s...

I can't even remember the last time I deployed a 10 Mbps hub/switch. I think any current 10/100/1000 switch will support you, but I still am curious as to why this would even be needed.

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