my system is effected from virus it seems as from last 2 days i have started getting lots of popups of symantec email proxy is blocking emails. As i am not running any email server or any thing so that made me conclude that there is some virus which is trying to send these mails. i have done multiple scans using different software in last 2 days but issues not solved yet.
i did complete scan in save mode also but result is same.
i have already scaned and cleaned system using spybot, norton av, superantispyware.

Could any one provide me some help or information which will help me in solving this issue, i am running win xp with SP2. let me also know if some more information is required.


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Hello any one ?

Is your win XP SP2 passed the WGA?

OK go here http://www.daniweb.com/forums/thread134865.html follow all instructions,please update all scanners before running them. Run them in normal mode, run in safe mode only if scanner will not run normally. Post requested logs as per instructions and some one will be along to assist you,please be patient as we are short on volunteers due to summer vacations. Later---

Is your win XP SP2 passed the WGA?


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