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I am forwarding some ports on a cisco linksys ea 6500 router to view surveillance cameras. I checked on canyouseeme.org and port 80 was open. Then I checked back within 5 minutes and it was closed. Since then I am unable to get that port open. However that port is not blocked by the ISP cause I work with them and I have used that port already on other camera systems.

This router is one of cisco's smart routers I am wondering if something in the router might be causing this. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Have you looked at the router security logs? That may provide some indication of what is going on. It is possible that it is so "smart" that it thinks you are trying to hack in? Sort of a Catch-22?

Actually I didn't check the logs. Is there anything specific that i should look for?

Possibly for stuff like attemts to access the management port (not sure what it would be - read the manufacturer's documentation about remote management), port scanning (common, but may be helpful to know). If you can download the logs to your system, post them here so we can look at what is going on.

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