Hello guys :)

hope you're all doing well, cause I'm freaking out at the moment :'(

I have a network of 3 computers (2 windows, 1 macbook)
I usually use my iPad and iPhone on the wireless network too

(what I'm describing below is happening on all the devices i wrote above)

everything works great actually, but what's freaking me out is that I've been getting strange "Light window" like popups inside my browser, that say "You are connected to optimum wifi"

actually, I'm not using Optimum wifi, and I'm in Egypt right now (Optimum doesn't even exist here !:D)

I started playing around with the banner I'm seeing, It's coming from the IP
which I made a little lookup and it's located in Colorado, USA.

Please take a look at the frame that shows up on my browser here:


(this is the actual frame)

now try just to go to :

Strange huh ?!?!

This banners just show up randomly, on my mac, windows, iPad and iPhone !

I can't pinpoint where this is coming from !, anyone has any idea what it could be ?, I'm wondering if it could be my router ?, I haven't called my ISP about it I'm sure they have no Idea..

Mostafa Berg

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It appears on any browsers. It looks like this [img]http://koprol.zenfs.com/system/pictures/0122/2371/contentstage.png[/img]

I block the popup using adblock extension.

Hey there :) yeah that's exactly what I'm getting...
do you know who is behind it ?! what really worries me is that it shows on my iPad, iPhone too ??
I'm certain they're not infected, so it must be something at my router or on higher level (DNS??)

appreciate help, i'm really glad it's not only me getting this annoying banner !!

do you have any info about this ? I've reported the server to the hosting company and will let you know when they come back to me !

Mostafa Berg

Hello mostafaberg and welcome to the forum.

You may want to look at our forum Viruses, Spyware and other Nasties and follow the sticky "Read me before posting a request for assistance" If your system is clean, you might get some advice from those folks...


Hey Zeroth :)

thanks alot, I'm sorry if i've done something inappropriate, but i've looked around and didn't find the problem i have in the forums :)

i'll make sure to take care of the stikies next time :)


not at all, mostafaberg, nothing inappropriate. I'm just suggesting that if you follow that thread, it might show you the problem you have. The thread goes through several diagnostics that could uncover issues...

Funnily enough, I use Optimum Wifi. Optimum Online is my ISP and Optimum Wifi are their free wifi access points avilable throughout the county / city.

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