Hey guys...having some serious trouble with configuring Exchange Server 2013 on Server 2012 for sending and receiving emails to and from the internet.

Sending and receiving internally works great. However, Comcast blocks port 25 and running the MX record check over at DNSstuff.com reports that the MX record points to the mail server at the correct public IP address, but it cannot establish any SMTP connections.

Trying to reconfigure my send and receive connectors EMC Powershell have failed using ports 587 and 465.

Is there anyway that I can still use my .com domain and circumvent the blocked port?

I am out of ideas...

According to their online documentation, 465 and 587 is allowed but that's not going to help you receive mail since other smtp servers on the Internet would try to deliver mail to you on port 25.

Maybe there is a way to take all incoming data on port 25 and divert it to another port?

How would you cordinate that effort with all of the smtp servers on the Internet. You'd have to host your external mail system on the Internet outside of Comcast, then smart host mail inbound and outbound mail between those two hosts on an open port.

There is no way you will receive mail on your consumer account's IP. Even if you got it to work somehow, most email admins and blacklist maintainers will block the consumer ip range from the popular providers anyway.

You need a smarthost like JorgeM said that you can use with your send connector to send/receive the email. Perhaps Postini service might help you out here.

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