What cable is this?
It is labelled UTP CAT5 but this to me seems like lies.
One, no twisted pairs, and two, no white stripy wires?
Wondered why it wouldnt work until i took a look inside. Factory error?


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I would hope that this is an error on their part and that they are not doing this by design. I would contact the company you bought this from and report the issue. I would assume that the entire roll from the same batch has this problem. There's going to be a lot of unhappy network'ers out there.

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Note to self: Dont buy networking supplies off of ebay

"below is the color coding for the cable this is our new stock and the supplier has not twisted the cables. Kindly follow the below color coding from left to right manner it will solve your problem. For any further assistance we are here to help you."

Um. NO! Then why are they marked as being CAT5 UTP?. That is not satisfactory! - I mean, Untwisted cabling may be fine for telephone but will reduce data speeds to well under 10mbps, and make runs of over a few feet impossible... Having some serious words with them...

Wow, think about all of that cable they sold to people that have no clue and all of the problems they are having if they are using that cable for the network. Sorry to hear. There response is inacceptable and you should consider letting ebay know that there response so far is far less than satisfactory. I mean if you buy UTP cable you would expect to have "unshielded TWISTED pair" cable. unbelievable.

i just told him that it is not as described, and not fit for purpose as a high speed network cable due to being untwisted. Therefore, labelling it as UTP CAT5e is misleading (If he can get gigabit withou the twists are nececarry for differential signaling, i will eat my hat. No way those speeds will be obtainable due to the crosstalk caused).

The punch down tool and crimp tool etc... i got for the guy is fine, just not the cable. He just didnt seem to understand how it wasnt right, just kept telling me how to wire it. After trying to get me to send back the cable at my own expense (i.e. more than it is worth) for a replacement, he is giving me a refund and "generously" letting me keep the crap cable.

Thanks for sharing. I have seen some strange cabling implementations in the past. However, this has got to be one of the more interesting ones, for sure. Maybe you can eake this roll of cable and have the copper recycled so that you can recover some of your costs.

Just annoyed as its set back my schedule, wanted to put in a patch panel, managed switch, and some sockets. Got that all done with some (okay) solid cable, just needed this lot for making up patch leads!

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