My cable modem went bonkers the other week and would not connect to the internet, w/wired ehternet. as it has for the last year-and-a-half. My tablet would stil connect wirelessly, so i got out the USB wireless adapters and fired up the other two desktops.
I noticed the other day that if I change my desktop background, my girfriends computer changes to the same thing without anyone sitting there. How did this happen since I've never used remote assistance, or mapped our computers drives. Got any suggestions

Re: Desktop clone? 80 80

Are you using windows 8? If they're logged into the same Microsoft Account, then they will automatically sync up.

Re: Desktop clone? 80 80

Ahhh, yeah, they're both running 8.1 now. I will have to research what all else syncs, as my girlfriend uses the other desktop here in the house that's logged into my MS account. Not that I have anything to hide, I just need to set her up her own account on that computer.

Thanks for your reply.

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