my computer is failing to identify our LAN @ work how do i fix this

You'll need to determine the cause if the problem. For example, could it be a bad network cable, patch panel port, switch port? Maybe a duplicate IP on the network? Or, a bad NIC card, corrupted drivers?

I have recently come across this same issue on a number of ocassions.
The cause of it was due to internet security software, ie: Norton 360 or simular, AVG Internet Security.
A re-install of the said software fixed the issue.

Does your computer have a static IP address, or is it getting a dynamic (DHCP) address from the network? If dynamic (such as a laptop would use), then you need to be sure that the DHCP server is properly allocating an address for your system. If not, then it is possible that it has run out of addresses to use.

When I had a static IP back in the days, I had to call the ISP to locate my connection before they activate it. If it's a static IP you have to enter the details manually, otherwise with dynamic should be just plug and go but make sure you have selected that it is in the properties @ IPv4 - properties

Open cmd and type ping

if it says could not find host, type ipconfig /renew and try ping again.

if still no host try ipconfig /all and locate your gateway.  Try pinging that gateway ip address 

We often need a new connector for patching the cable

Hi fellow IT friend, So many questions to be asked.

1.Is this a recent issue or has it failed to connect from day one.
2.Are you connecting directly to the router or though a switch on the network.
3.Have you confirmed if the network uses static IP settings or DHCP
4.Confirm that your virus software isnt controlling network traffic
5.Testing replacement flyleads is also a good place to start even if you test with one of your colleuges that currently works.

the list goes on but this is a good place to start.

Good luck!

I have not much knowledge about it, but I want to know more about fluctuation in connecting to the internet. I replace my connector, reset the modem, and made sure the my ethernet cable in perfect.

Can you be more specific when you mention fluctuation in connecting to the internet. If you are referring to unstable then I would suggest that the quality of connectors and cabling should be addressed.

Whenever I tried to connect with internet, I used about 40 minutes and in 40 minutes time to time net disconnect, when I unplug connector and after a moment I pluged in, when net connected.
I am using cat5e riser cables
I am in trouble to using my net.

do you have a direct cable from pc to router or are there connections in-between?
In rare cases one can get some trouble from mains supply crossing a network cable but i dont see it too often.if you have power cords close to the network cable try seperating them.
Another source of the problem could either be network card on pc or router.
Good Luck!

I have another connection, which I gave to another my friend but that connection is direct from router, where my cables is connected to my system.

it may be from the router or switch that you use

And yet, Nathanealneal, your profile says you work as an IT consultant for a networking company which 'helps customers understand networking cables'.

Either you are a very crap consultant and nobody should employ you or your company, or you are just building up your post count and getting ready to add a spammy sugnature link to your cable company (again).

Whatever, something smells very bad...

My net connection is still connected but my browser isn't working?

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